Savannah / Chatham County Georgia Trucking Accidents

Savannah, the oldest, most beautiful and most historic city in Georgia, is the center of intermodal ship-to-truck container freight shipping in Georgia. Tractor trailers hauling container freight to and from the Port of Savannah may be involved in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death incidents with great legal and factual complexity.

Intermodal container freight trucking cases can be exponentially more complex than regular tractor trailer, big rig or semi truck injury cases, just as those interstate trucking cases are exponentially more complicated than regular car wreck cases.

In addition, interstate truck truck traffic on I-95 and I-16 too often brings about catastrophic accidents, typically involving tired truckers passing through between the Northeast and Florida.

The Savannah area also includes a great deal of pulpwood and paper production, with occasional catastrophic accidents governed by the Georgia Forest Products Trucking Rules, with which we have considerable experience.

Civil cases in Savannah may be filed in the Superior Court of Chatham County or State Court of Chatham County. However, many interstate trucking cases and intermodal container freight cases wind up in federal district court because the plaintiffs and defendants are residents of different states and even different countries. Savannah is the headquarters of the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia. Ken Shigley has been a member of the Southern District bar since 1985, when he was defending cases against state agencies and was admitted in a ceremony along with lawyers from the Georgia Attorney General's office.

When General James Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia at Savannah in 1733, initially as a place to resettle inmates of debtors' prisons in England, he ordered that lawyers were to be banned from the colony. That prohibition didn't last long. For many generations, Savannah has had one of the strongest components of the legal profession in Georgia.

Ken Shigley has solid friendships with many lawyers and judges in the Savannah area, and frequently travels from Atlanta to Savannah to meet with clients, handle cases, and deal with professional association business.

Mr. Shigley is available to meet with prospective clients by appointment in Savannah.