Perry - Warner Robins - Houston County Georgia Trucking Accidents

Perry and Warner Robins are in Houston County, at the geographic and symbolic heart of Georgia, just south of Macon. Catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death incidents are inevitable, as nearly all interstate trucking, semi truck, tractor trailer and big rig traffic, between the Midwest and Florida passes through Houston County on I-75. Tired truckers are mixed in with vacationing families and retirees driving from the Midwest and Ontario to Florida.

Houston County has a distinguished role in Georgia's history, economy and politics. Formed in 1821, the county is named not after Texas hero Sam Houston, as many people assume, but after Georgia Governor John Houstoun (that's how he spelled it). The county seat of Perry is home to the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter, a state owned facility that hosts a wide variety of livestock and horse shows, rodeos, conferences, and the annual Georgia National Fair. Perry is also home of the regionally famous New Perry Hotel, a classic Southern respite for travelers since 1925. Warner Robins is home of the Warner Robins Air Force Base, a worldwide hub for U. S. Air Force logistics, and the Museum of Aviation. Houston County is also the home of former U. S. Senator Sam Nunn.

Civil cases in Houston County may be filed in the Superior Court of Houston County, at a striking new courthouse complex on the outskirts of Perry, or in the State Court of Houston County, which is located in Warner Robins. The split of courts between two towns in unique in Georgia. Overall, Houston County has one of the most progressive systems of court administration in Georgia, and is on the forefront of implementing technology in the courts.

Many interstate trucking cases wind up in federal courts because the plaintiffs and defendants reside in different states. Before filing suit we always evaluate all potential venues, both in and out of Georgia. If the best choice is here, and if a case ends up in federal court, it goes to the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, in the Macon Division. Ken Shigley was admitted to practice in the Middle District in 1984, and has litigated cases there ever since. He has long-standing friendships in the legal profession throughout the area.