Macon / Bibb County Georgia Trucking Accidents

Any trucking accident trial attorney in Georgia needs to be comfortable trying personal injury and wrongful death cases in Macon, in the center of the state at the intersection of I-75 and I-16. Nearly all interstate tractor trailer, big rig and semi truck traffic between the Midwest and Florida passes through Macon on I-75 and I-475. Most intermodal container freight traffic between the Port of Savannah and metro Atlanta, passes through downtown Macon on I-16 and then up I-75.

Some trucking cases in Macon can be tried in the Superior Court of Bibb County or the State Court of Bibb County, both of which have highly capable judges and are favorable venues for catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Most interstate trucking cases in the Macon area, however, wind up in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, which has its headquarters in Macon. Ken Shigley was admitted to the bar of the Middle District in 1984, and has litigated cases in that district off and on ever since.

Macon has been a center of trade for thousands of years, since the ancestors of the Creek Indians established the Ocmulgee mounds settlement, with canoe trade on the Ocmulgee River connecting that area to the coast. The antebellum period brought river boats and railroads. Today it is a crossroads of interstate trucking traffic.

Ken Shigley began the process of getting to know Macon in 1968, as a high school student in the Georgia Governor's Honor's Program, which was then at Wesleyan College. He has handled cases there since the mid-1980's, and has solid long-term friendships with lawyers, judges and experts in the Macon area.

Mr. Shigley is available to meet with prospective clients by appointment in Macon.