Attorney Referrals

For nearly twenty years, most of our work has come by referral other attorneys.

Often lawyers in other jurisdictions contact us about handling a case in Georgia for one of their clients, or serving as local counsel.

More often, Georgia lawyers contact us about handling a serious truck or bus accident case. Attorneys who are preeminent in other areas of litigation, or in bankruptcy, real estate, securities, probate or corporate law, readily acknowledge when they need to refer a client to a lawyer who specializes in tort law.

Similarly, a lawyer who is comfortable with routine types of tort cases but not experienced in motor carrier litigation, for example, would do well to bring in a senior attorney who practices in those areas, while assisting in the case to "learn the ropes."

Georgia Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(e) implicitly recognizes that clients are best served when lawyers can bring in other attorneys with needed areas of expertise, and still share in the responsibility and the fees. We comply fully with this rule while documenting the client's consent to an appropriate allocation of fees and responsibility between counsel.

To discuss a possible case referral, please call me at 404-253-7862.

I look forward to working with you.

Ken Shigley